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We specialise in what we do, providing Shade ports for the following:


We also offer an Arched IBR Sheeted carport option. We mostly install them at Office parks but we can also install them at your personal residence as they come in single, double and triple sizes.


Our Canti-lever option shadeport is developed specially to suit parking areas with little move around space, as the ground posts are at the back or front of the carport enabling you to park your vehicle with ease.


We also offer this option as it’s a cost effective way to keep your assets covered from our harmful South African Sun, be it your Children’s playground or Vehicles. We cover anything anywhere.

We Specialize in
  • Industrial Areas
  • Domestic Areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Commercial Office parks
  • Car Dealers
Cantilever Shade ports
  • 1car (3m x 5.5m)
  • 2car (5.5m x 5.5m)
  • 3car (5m x 7.5m)
Standard 4 pole Shade ports
  • 1car (3m x 5.5m)
  • 2car (5.5m x 5.5m)
  • 3car (5m x 7.5m)
  • 4car (10m x 5m)
More of our services:
  • Re-stitch old shade netting
  • Fitment  of new shade netting to existing structures
  • Removal of old structures
  • Maintenance of existing structures

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